This package is designed to implement the PRML classifier and PRML filter proposed by Chen and Tokdar (2019).

For real data anlaysis, we only need to use function prml_tests(), which take the \(\{Y^A,Y^B,Y^{AB}\}\) as input. \(\{Y^A,Y^B,Y^{AB}\}\) represent spike count data coming from the repeated trials under condition \(\{A,B,AB\}\) (single-stimulus trial A, B and dual-stimuli trial AB). We provide a sample code on

    1. how to extract the spike count triplets from the raw data;
    1. how to use function prml_tests();
    1. simple data visualization on the result.

If you want to obtain density estimation of the mixing density, replace prml_tests() with prml_tests_f() in the sample code. See Articles for details.


Not yet available in cran. Install the development version for now.

Development version



A classification on the four possible hypotheses before PRML filtering and after PRML filtering process.

A density estimation on the mixing density function. (Here only present the ‘Mixture’ and ‘Intermediate’ hypotheses.)